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Posted on April 14, 2008

That's right, I haven't forgotten about you! However I am only updating the website to take down all the hi-res texture packs, which I guess is worse.

But wait, let me explain!

I've recently joined forces with Liquid Heat builders to peddle my wares commercially on Second Life, which has a thriving texture market. If you have a Second Life account you can jump to my SL store here.

This move to filthy capitalism has involved a complete overhaul of the textures: to clean up errors, improve detail and colour treatment, and in some cases to remake textures from scratch in higher resolutions. (It has also involved a change to my Terms of Use: the textures are now free for noncommercial use only outside of Second Life.)

But never fear! I'll be rereleasing the downloadable hi-res packs soon, once I've finished updating the textures and license agreements.

Yearly update kru

Posted on November 07, 2006

Stained glass window tutorial

I put together a fairly lengthy tutorial on how to create stained-glass windows from scratch, for those of you with DIY tendencies.

I've written it to be as non-program-specific as possible, for all you horrible people using GIMP and Paint Shop Pro. It's still a bit of a draft, so if there's anything you have problems with or think could be explained clearer then let me know.

Little fluffy clouds

Posted on November 06, 2005

For all you looking-upwards lovers out there, I've released dusk cityscape artwork and a new set of cloud decks for you to use in Thief II NewSky. If you're still reading this paragraph and haven't already clicked on those links, you can find both packages in the Miscellany section. Enjoy!

What is this “Thief” of which you speak?

Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age are first-person games produced by the now-defunct Looking Glass Studios (requiescat in pace): in which you sneak, steal and uncover intrigue in a dark and complex steampunk setting. They and their anti-hero Garrett have become cult classics and have attracted a loyal community of Thief fan-mission designers.

For more information about the games, please browse the links section for some excellent fan sites.

What is this site then?

This website is a repository for the art assets that I've created for my own personal use in Thief missions, which I wanted to share with other designers. Unless otherwise noted, these are my own work and as such are covered by a few fair-use conditions.