Almost all of these are model or texture replacements for original Thief assets; the rest are mostly for cosmetic visual effects. You'll have none of your fancy Victorian furniture here.

All of these packages come with instructions on how to implement them in-game.

Barrels & Crates

Last updated 03-12-2004

A pack of newer, more detailed crates, and new skins for the original barrels. Also contains open crates and crate lids. Soon to come will be some wine barrels (with taps) and portable casks.


Last updated 03-12-2004

Several new book models: An open book, a hammer book of scriptures, a pagan tome, and a regular old book. There'll be more to come, including a stack of books.


Last updated 21-12-2004

A pack of four TGA cobwebs, meaning they're smoothly transparent rather than all jagged like the ones your mother used to make. Useful for giving a place that lived-in look.


Last updated 21-12-2004

This pack contains redone versions of the original footlocker and sea-chest, with higher-detail skins and less dodgy geometry.

Keeper Glyphs

Last updated 03-12-2004

A pack of three TGA keeper glyphs, whose style may be *cough* slightly familiar to people who have played Thief: Deadly Shadows. Useful for oh-aren't-we-so-secretive Keeper stuff.

Lantern Skins

Last updated 03-12-2004

A pack of new skins for lanterns, lamps and streetlights, since the originals are so unbelievably shit. I'm planning on doing more detailed models later to go with them.

Light Shafts

Last updated 03-12-2004

A set of smooth TGA light shafts, which are all the rage these days.


Last updated 03-12-2004

Delving into seriously petty territory here... these are reskinned versions of the original pipes because I thought they looked boring. The new versions are shinier – this will probably get changed to a grimier skin later on.


Last updated 03-12-2004

Three new wrought-iron railings (and a railing post), using TGA textures so they're nice and smooth. I have a few more of these planned.


Last updated 03-12-2004

At the moment this contains a new skin for the rope mesh, with more detail (i.e., twists you can actually see.) I'm planning a climbable chain mesh, which will go into this pack when it's done.

Water ripples

Added 20-11-2006

A drop-in TGA replacement for that hideous water ripple effect that came with the game.

The Don't Nick My Stuff Clause

The models and skins on this site are free for you to use, modify and distribute for non-commercial Thief and Thief II missions, provided that you credit me in the readme file and provide a link to this site. I'd also love to get an email from you before release, letting me know you're using them; this way I can get that warm fuzzy feeling and also let you know if there's new versions you might want.

These models and skins are not free for you to convert for use in another game or project, but if you email me and ask then I probably won't have a problem with it at all. I can even provide you with the original source files.